Decoding the Cells' Universe

We map disease pathways from cellular resolution to the patient cohort level
Our Mission

Today, we face some of the most difficult challenges in genomic research for mental disorders.
We make the hidden root causes of complex genetic disorders visible. 

Technology Platform

Disease Models

Human Cellular & Humanized Mouse Models


High Content Pathway Identification


Pathway-Centeric Compound Screening

AI-Powered Data Analytics

Large Scale Data Analytics & Insights


Pathway-Centeric Target Identification


Profiling Compound Selectivity


Systasy Bioscience uses human cellular disease models, synthetic bioengineering, and artificial intelligence to unlock drug discovery for genetically complex disorders.

Systasy’s Barcoded Discovery Engine
Systasy Platform Use Cases

Systasy’s Barcoded Technology is unique as it uses millions of molecular barcodes and human disease models to analyze hundreds of pathological processes simultaneously. It connects thousands of compound activities to an individual patient’s clinical and genomic data. Systasy’s Technology lowers failure in subsequent clinical phases and leads to cost savings for our partners.

Cross Disorder Technology

Neurodegeneration, Neurological, Oncological and Cardiovascular Diseases

Human Disease Models

Cellular & Humanised Mouse Models

Functional Validation

Validation of hits & predictions

Drug Development

HIT ID, HIT-to-Lead, Target ID, Mode of Action, Toxcitiy and Repurposing

Gene & Cell Therapy

Viral Tropism, Viral Viability at Cell-type Resolution

Patient Stratification

Based on Pathway profiling in patient cohorts

The potential applications of Systasy’s Technology are very diverse and range from mental disorders to cancer and/or cardiovascular diseases. If you are curious to hear more about our technology, get in touch with us.

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